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Venus flytraps for sale, Venus Fly Trap, Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Plants Buy a Venus Flytrap Venus flytrap for sale, Venus Fly Trap For Sale, B52 Venus Flytrap, Big Mouth Venus Flytrap, Vigorous Venus Flytrap.

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Venus Flytrap

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Regular Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula)

  • Robust.
  • Easy to Care for Strong Plant
  • Acts like Flytrap
  • Catches alot of Small insects Flys, Spiders Ect.
  • In-door and Out-door Plant
  • Great Gift
  • Shipped Bare Root With Pot and Soil.

Availablity: IN STOCK

Promotional Item!

Price: $4.99 plus shipping

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Venus Flytraps

Dionaea Muscipula

Venus Flytraps Dionaea Muscipula

The Venus Flytrap is well known for its Super Fast closes Jaws, Once Triggered, the Venus Fly trap will close in about a tenth of a second. The Venus Fly Trap is just about the most popular Carnivorous plant. Because of the way it captures it's victim to it's jaw traps, color and size it reaches. Click Here to Find out More and Order Once Today!

Sundews or Drosera
Purchase a Sundew. Sundews correspond to one the largest group of carnivorous plants, having about 194 species or more. These members of the family Droseraceae, lure, seize, and consume insects with  sticky mucilaginous glands that cover the plants leaves.
Click Here to View all of our Sundews.


North American Pitcher Plants


The North American Pitcher Plants attracts insects with a nectar-like secretion on the lip of the plants pitchers. The Pitcher Plant lures is prey with a narcotic laced nectar soon after the insects fall deep within the Pitcher inside and then become digested. Pitcher Plants come in many different colors and sizes. Click here to learn more.

The Cobra Lily

Darlingtonia Californica

The Cobra Lily Darlingtonia californica

The Cobra Lily AKA Cobra plant or California Pitcher plant, found growing in wetlands and beside mountain streams where in a cool climate with cool water running on the plant roots. The common name Cobra lily comes from the top that looks like a cobra with its contracted head and a fork-like tongue. Click here to get one today.


Nepenthes the tropical pitcher plant

AKA tropical pitcher plants or monkey cups, roughly 140 species, worldwide and many cultivated hybrids. Ranging from south China, Philippines, Australia and Madagascar. The trap holds a fluid produce by the plant, which may be watery or syrupywhich is used to drown the prey. Get one today, Click here to learn more and purchase one today.



Butterworts Pinguicula

In the world of Carnivorous Plants, The plant that just about resembles fly paper is Pinguicula or butterwort. The high surface of this plant stays continuously sticky, and insects such as mosquitoes, gnats, and midges land and stick to the surface of the plants leaves. The plants leaves are covered with glands that provide digestive enzymes and later adsorb their prey. Click Here to learn more and purchase one today.

CarnivorousPlant Combinations 


Carnivorous plant collections

For beginners or experienced plant growers, a Plant Collection will Captivate your interest and give you the possibility to Own a vast amount of Carnivorous Plants with own waiting for them to grow from seedlings. Owning a Carnivorous Plant Collection is a whole lot of fun. Click Here to Own onetoday.


Bulk Flytrap Sale

Venus Flytraps wholesale Bulk order
Purchase Venus flytraps, Sundews and other carnivorous plants at wholesale price.  Save Alot, bulk plants are ready for resale. Click Here to view all of our  Venus flytraps, Sundews and other carnivorous plants at wholesale price.


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